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Clean Water, Inc. is a startup working with grant funding to pursue various technologies to develop applications related to a new model of thermodynamics.
We assembled a team (partially through handshake) of engineers, mathematicians and physicist representing 4 universities; but we're interested in expanding the team and talking to interns interested in getting involved in various aspects of the development of the new science.

Here's a short blurb with some links discussing the project and the company:
We've figured out what space and time are, redrawn the atom and we're working on applications of this new science. It is a big claim, but we can prove our proposition.
Aut is 7 years ahead of any other science in scope and applications. Published papers and patents can be used to verify the science which easily reconciles gravity with the other forces, defines quantum gravity and solves the paradox which arises from hidden variables which we have determined.
A video defining time:
An overview of the science:
How the periodic table arises from AuT: This video summarizes how just using math (No theory or assumptions) you get to the Periodic Table of the Elements. These outcomes exceed even our expectations.
That is only part of AuT which redefines the atom, energy and fusion

Applicants should familiarize themselves with the project through a look at the short videos given above. AuT is at the cutting edge of physics.The internship involves a new model of thermodynamics and applications of the science. National and international patents have been filed and continue to be filed as the technology is developed. 
The work is for an unpaid internship. It may lead to a paid position.
The work is in connection with various proofs and filings in connection with Grant work being performed by CWI.
Expertise in Physics, Chemistry and Grant Writing is required
The time spent is negotiable, for school credits the internship is listed as being 180 hours over several months, but the right candidate may decide to allot more or less time in the application process. A longer scope of work description is available in the existing grant which contains some private information although an international patent has been filed and published and can be accessed online. Qualified candidates will be able to select from the task list which includes these samples (two from each group):
Grant write for specific Grant Targets
Researching Grant opportunities
Editing existing websites
Marketing websites
1.         Refine causes for compression and decompression based on the features mathematically shown and those observed. (sum as first fractal step)
2.        Refine Fractal Operations especially information flow (absorption and spew) maps for different ct states.
1.         Refine models of different reactants focusing on components and fractal structures, dimensional structures, and appearances from different dimensional perspectives.
2.         Refine how combined iterated equations appear and interact as complex fractals.
1.         Refine theoretical and practical design covering fission, particularly for the absorption and use of “high energy rays;” aka high pretime component low ct states.
2.         Continue reconciliation of observations with the mathematical model.
Interns may work (remotely) with other team members.

The internship involves a new model of thermodynamics and applications of the science. National and international patents have been filed and continue to be filed as the technology is developed. 
Applicant should have a strong background in Math with courses in physics and chemistry or experience with grant writing or website design and marketing. 
See the description of the work given above.
Applicants must sign a comprehensive NDA related to work on the project as well as an assignment of rights to allow CWI to use any work developed developed during the internship whether by the interns or others within CWI.